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First Time Since 1999 Maldives To Launch Helicopter Operations

Before the dominance of seaplane flight operations in the Maldives for the transfer of tourists, helicopters once thrived in the Maldivian skies.

However, with the advent of seaplanes, helicopter operations ceased and ever since tourists transfer directly to the resort by air has been operated by seaplanes only. Seaplanes can fly directly to resorts and are either docked on a platform at the resort or a floating platform nearby.

But now, after more than two decades, the Maldivian cabinet has made the decision to commence helicopter operations in Maldives for the first time since 1999. Transport Minister Mr. Mohamed Ameen announced this decision today, which is expected to provide a significant boost to the tourism industry and provide a unique transportation links to several islands.

Hummingbird Island Airways last operated helicopters in the Maldives. The airline was launched in 1989 by pilot Kit Chambers operating with a fleet of only helicopters. Hummingbird operated helicopters until 1999 before switching entirely to seaplanes and rebranding as Trans Maldivian Airways.

Helicopters do offer unique advantages over airplanes as helicopters can take off and land vertically, move in any direction, and remain stationary in the air allowing takeoff and landing from just about anywhere from fields to yachts to buildings, etc. Unlike seaplanes, helicopters can operate at night as well.

According to Minister Mr. Mohamed Ameen, a framework to facilitate the commencement of operations will be immediately started for med-evac, surveillance, and passenger services, and the government will work closely with the private sector and other stakeholders to make helicopter operations a reality once again.

This decision is expected to provide a significant boost to the tourism industry and provide a unique transportation link to several islands. As a popular tourist destination the addition of helicopter services is expected to make it even more attractive to visitors.

The Maldives is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and stunning coral reefs, and helicopter operations can even provide tours that would allow tourists to see unique perspective on these natural wonders.




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