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Italian Air Force F35 Fighter Jets Are Heading For Joint Exercise In Japan

Several Italian Air Force military aircraft departed from Velana International Airport in the Maldives this afternoon, following a transit stop.

Photo: Claudio Toselli

The aircraft are en route to Japan for a joint training session near the Komatsu air base in Western Japan. This deployment marks the first of its kind for the Aeronautica Militare to Japan.

The military aircraft include four F-35 Lightning stealth fighter jets, accompanied by a KC-767 tanker and one G550 CAEWM (Conformal Airborne Early Warning) aircraft of the 14th Wing from Pratica di Mare, as well as a C-130J from the 46th Air Brigade from Pisa.

In addition to the joint training session, the Italian and Japanese Air Forces have agreed on a scheme to train pilots at Italy’s world-class International Flight Training School (IFTS). The IFTS recently opened a new campus in Decimomannu, Sardinia.

The deployment of Italian military aircraft to Japan is a testament to the strong relationship between the two countries and their commitment to enhancing their military capabilities through cooperation and collaboration.



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