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A LATAM Airlines Airbus A320 Collided With A Firetruck During Takeoff

A LATAM airlines Airbus A320 collided with a fire truck while accelerating for takeoff.

The Airbus A320-200N was departing to flight LA-2213 from Lima to Juliaca, Peru with 102 passengers and 6 crew.

While on takeoff roll multiple fire trucks with flashing lights and sirens on; crossed the runway in front of the accelerating A320 resulting in a collision.

During impact, the right main gear collapsed causing the aircraft to veer right towards the right-hand runway edge coming to a stop partially off the runway about 2500 meters (8300 feet) down the runway.

Of the occupants on board the aircraft, 20 passengers received injuries of which 2 are in critical condition.

The fire truck was destroyed and the two occupants onboard were killed while the aircraft received substantial damage. A third firefighter is being treated for serious injuries.

According to present reports, the fire trucks were responding to another aircraft that suffered mechanical problems however the fire trucks entered the runway without receiving clearance.



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