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FYI: No Pilot Will Intentionally Fly Into A Flock Of Birds

According to social media post which has since gained attention, a number of bird species known as ‘Kiru Dhooni’ (Black-naped Tern) has been deliberately hit and killed by careless pilots.

Birds have been a long-term inspiration for mankind in chasing the dream to fly yet birds are also as a major threat to airplanes since the evolution of modern day aviation.

Birds are a very risky factor to airplanes whether at land or sea as impacting even a tiny bird at such high speeds airplanes fly at, it can can cause damages to the airplanes windshield, fuselage, antennas, propellers and can even destroy an engine which can easily lead to a disaster.

Any area used for airplanes whether at airports or resorts (for seaplanes) will be surveyed for the safe operation of flight including bird activity.

Pilots will remain extra cautious while maneuvering within an area of high bird activity and if birds are spotted the takeoff or landing will be discontinued.

If a bird strike has occurred or is suspected, a full exterior inspection of the airplane will be required before the next flight.

As pilots take full responsibility for the safe operation of flight no pilot would intentionally fly into a flock of birds.

The famous Hudson River landing of an Airbus A320 by Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger and First Officer Jeffrey Skiles was due to a flock of birds ingesting into the engine which resulted in dual engine failure.

Luckily all 155 onboard the A320 lived to tell the story and that’s how dangerous birds can be to airplanes and why no pilot would want to be in that situation.



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