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An Emirates Boeing 777 Took Off After Runway End In Dubai

Last week an Emirates Boeing 777 rotated past the end of the runway during takeoff from the airlines base Dubai International Airport.


The Emirates Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EQI was performing flight EK-231 from Dubai, UAE to Washington Dulles, USA.

The 777 departed from Dubai’s runway 30R and got airborne at the end of the runway end safety area.

The flight continued safely without any further issues but the aircraft was grounded following the return flight back to Dubai.

The likely reason for the delay in rotation during the takeoff roll was because the previous flight crew had left the altitude setting at the Master Control Panel at airport elevation/00000 feet causing the flight director to not indicate takeoff rotation and climb out but instead indicate to maintain that altitude (ALT mode).

The aircraft’s transponder indicated that the 777 stayed on the runway until accelerating through 216 knots over the ground 4,400 meters past the runway threshold and about 90 meters short of the localizer antennas.

This change went unnoticed by the crew which took over for the subsequent flight. Emirates has released a crew advising the pilots regarding the matter.

According to reports the 4 crew involved in the flight have been since dismissed following the occurrence.



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